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Through our two International programs, Dogs & Storks® and the Dogs & Toddlers™, we support new parents with dogs nurture safe and harmonious relationships among all family members, human and canine.


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We offer new parent classes, webinars and on-going support We understand how challenging it can be to attend a workshop or class with a newborn or active baby. It is our goal to make resources readily available to new parents and families. Just as there are new parents classes dedicated to car seat safety we believe new parents benefit from classes on dog and baby safety! Join us to learn how to increase safety and fun while including your family dog!

Family Paws Parent Education offers new parent classes in many locations as well as educational support and resources online!

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Ongoing parent support & educational webinars! Your baby and dog….setting up for success! Learn more!

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Presenters Are Saying…

Hear what Family Paws Presenter Huzannah Banajee Joseph from India has to say.

It has been an absolute pleasure to know you and learn from you. Attending the M2L classes was pure joy, and I have learnt so much more than I expected to. I find myself applying so many of the program concepts in my general dog training and in for behaviour work too.
I can honestly say that your deciding to include me in your program by making it financially viable for me, has touched my life, but also the lives of so many others who have benefited from the information and learning that I gained from you. I know that many pet parents are happier and safer due to this, and so many dogs are being understood better and are less stressed out!

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Find a Presenter Near You

We can connect you with dog trainers in your area who specialize in child-dog interactions.

Find A Presenter near you. Only those on our list are current licensed presenters. These presenters are active and up to date with all of our materials.


Sie sind Hundeverhaltensberater oder -trainer in Deutschland, Österreich oder der Schweiz? Dogs & Storks und Dogs & Toddlers unterstützt nicht nur in den USA Familien bei der Inklusion von Hund und Kind. Wir beraten Eltern auf vier Kontinenten mit über 140 Vortragenden weltweit. Seit Anfang 2013 gibt es die Programme auch endlich im deutschsprachigen Raum. Lesen Sie mehr über das deutsche Netzwerk: oder bewerben Sie sich für eine Lizenz:

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