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Educational Webinars

Family Paws™ Parent Education Classes are led by dog professionals who have chosen to specialize in dog and child safety through our licensed Parent Educational Programs, Dogs & Storks™ and Dogs & Toddlers™. These programs are dedicated to supporting individual families and professionals alike, in support of new parents with dogs. If you have immediate concerns, please call 1877.247.3407 or find local help by visiting our Dogs & Storks™ Presenter Locator for a trainer through our Family Paws network.


Single Class Webinars

We welcome webinar topic ideas.  If you have a group that would like an educational webinar we want to hear from you!

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NEW!!! Offering our Dogs & Toddlers program online!!!!


Creating and practicing “Success Stations.” Register here!


“Dogs & Storks” es el programa internacional diseñado especialmente para ayudar a las familias que tienen perros a prepararse para la llegada de un bebé. Dogs & Storks te brindará soluciones positivas, prácticas y efectivas para los retos que se presentan cuando una familia con un perro está esperando un bebé.

Preparárse para la llegada de un hijo es emocionante, pero al mismo tiempo puede ser algo agotador. Tener un compañero canino en casa, no significa que tendrás que elegir entre el bebé o el perro, por el contrario, compartir la vida con un perro es de las mejores experiencias que podrás brindarle a tu bebé. Durante el Seminario Online “Tu Super Cachorro y la llegada del Bebé”, te orientaremos sobre las primeras medidas que deberás considerar para ir preparando a tu perro antes de que nazca tu bebé. Platicaremos sobre cómo y cuándo introducir los accesorios del bebé, cómo hacer la presentación entre perro y bebé, principales aspectos del lenguaje canino, entre otros temas de vital importancia.

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Pregnancy, Pups and Preparation: $9.95

Dogs and StorksPreparing your family and your dog for life with baby is an exciting but sometimes overwhelming endeavor. This short but informative webinar will highlight several of the most important things you can begin to do right away as you prepare for your new baby! You will not want to miss these great tips and suggestions from Certified Dog Behavior Consultant and Mother of four! Learn from someone who knows! Watch Now!

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FREE! Welcome Home! Introducing New Baby and Dog Class

New parents often have anxiety about the initial introduction of their new baby and family dog. This is the perfect option for immediate help from your home when you need it. Take it before or just after baby arrives. Videos, handouts and live support are all included in this hour long webinar. Led by Jennifer Shryock, leading dog and baby expert, this class is packed with information to ease your mind and increase safety and enjoyment so that you can focus on the most important things … mom’s recovery, nursing, and bonding with your newborn.



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Coming soon! Postpartum and Family Dogs … Impulsive Re-homing Phase (IRP) Class

Overwhelmed new parents each year make a heart wrenching decision they often regret. Usually this peaks when baby is 2 – 6 months of age. This is Impulsive Rehoming Phase (IRP) or “Better Off” Phase. Mom may feel the dog would be “Better Off” with another family as she is too tired or unable to meet the needs. Other family members may feel mom would be “Better Off” with one less thing to take care of. These are the situations heard time and time again. There are many factors at play here and our goal is to offer ongoing support and solutions to help professionals and families work through this challenging time. I have found with simple steps and support, families can successfully work through this period with their companions remaining in their home.


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Doggone Safe also offers parents great resources! Click Here!

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