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Attendee feedback buttonWe can connect you with professionals in your area who specialize in dog-baby/toddler dynamics. These highly qualified professionals are licensed to present the authorized Dogs & Storks® and the Dogs & Toddlers™ programs and offer a variety of services related to dogs and children. Each of our presenters owns and operates their own private business and will charge accordingly.

Clients can verify their dog trainer/behavior consultant is a Family Paws Parent Educator by checking our locator below. Current educators will have a 2016 logo badge on their website also to indicate they are up to date. If someone claims to be affiliated with Family Paws Parent Education and is not listed below please contact us directly. Thank you!2016_FPPE_web_badge

Please use our feedback form on the right to let us know how we are doing. We welcome your feedback on your experience with any trainer in our network. Thank you!

****Family Paws Parent Education does not support the use of prong, choke or remote collars.****


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