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Are you a dog trainer or behavior consultant who enjoys working with young families? Do you ever feel overwhelmed or intimidated about providing the best possible help and advice to families with babies or toddlers? Would you like to increase your knowledge about dog-and-child safety?  We are here to support your growing business with this niche and offer ongoing education! 

Our programs could be the perfect addition to your already established business.

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Family Paws Parent Educator Course

What so many are talking about!  This is the perfect way to become familiar with all of our program content, marketing and so much more!  Ongoing support and education is key!

If you are a new or experienced dog professional we invite you to consider our 4 month course.  This is a great way to learn and prepare to bring our new parent programs to your community!   New and expecting family dynamics can make simple consultations very complex.  Our mentoring program will prepare you through case studies, role playing and practice presentations!  You will benefit from working and learning directly with Founder/Director, Jennifer Shryock.

To apply to participate in an upcoming 4 month course please use the application button above and we will contact you with details! 

If you have questions about our course ikjplease contact us!   info@familypaws.com or call us at 919.961.1608 to discuss details.

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****Family Paws Parent Education does not support the use of prong, choke or e-collars.****


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-Trainer in Deutschland, Österreich oder der Schweiz? Dogs & Storks und Dogs & Toddlers unterstützt nicht nur in den USA Familien bei der Inklusion von Hund und Kind. Wir beraten Eltern auf vier Kontinenten mit über 140 Vortragenden weltweit. Seit Anfang 2013 gibt es die Programme auch endlich im deutschsprachigen Raum. Lesen Sie mehr über das deutsche Netzwerk: familiemithund.info oder bewerben Sie sich für eine Lizenz: http://familiemithund.info/Lizenzen.html


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Get a fuller picture. We encourage you to visit our Dogs & Storks® blog to get more information about the programs through posts and podcasts. Learn about our program here on youtube

2Check out the requirements. To ensure we offer families the best quality program, all presenters:

3Send in your resume. If our programs sound right for you and you are committed to ongoing education, we want you on board. Please send your resume and references to info@familypaws.com or call us at 919.961.1608.

Jennifer, this is a fabulous presentation and you should be very proud of it! There were situations that you thought to present that I never would have thought of! As I have just begun babysitting for my new grandson on a weekly basis, I am very grateful that I viewed this program as it gave me good things to think about and great suggestions for some excellent things I can do to make my babysitting duties both safe and enjoyable for my grandson and my precious pooches!

You used your photos, for example those used to illustrate “a moment matters” and catch phrases such as “one hand vs. two hands”, “monkey see, monkey do” and the “grumble zone” very cleverly and well to make valid and valuable points. You did a great job of addressing “guilt” and offered marvelous suggestions for things to do such as using the photo/stop sign to remind people that the dog is intentionally being separated from the child or children.

All and all this presentation was very well thought-out, very well presented and will be very well received by anyone fortunate enough to view it! It will be my pleasure and an honor to recommend it. My congratulations to you on a job every well done.

Kindest regards,
Chris Bach


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