Helpful New Parent Articles and Resources

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Doggone Safe offers parents great resources! Click Here!

Dog and Baby Support hotline for immediate support and referrals.

Enjoy our Dogs & Storks® DVD A great baby shower gift for an expectant dog loving family! $14.95 plus shipping!

  Youtube Channel



Doggone Safe  A non-profit organization dedicated to dog bite prevention

The Family Dog Great information for both parents and kids!  Fun and educational!

Victoria Stilwell Positively dog training  (VSPDT) is a global network of world-class positive reinforcement dog trainers personally evaluated, approved and licensed by well-known animal behavior expert Victoria Stilwell (It’s Me or the Dog). VSPDT’s dual mission is to help its members’ businesses maximize their full potential by aligning with force free training’s best-known brand while promoting positive training ideologies worldwide which create healthy, balanced relationships based on mutual trust, respect and love instead of pain, fear and intimidation.

Dogs and Babies Learning by Madeline Gabriel  A great resource for parents!

The Liam J. Perk Foundation: A foundation dedicated to raising awareness about dog safety.

Living with Kids & Dogs Colleen Pelar

RadioMD  Great resource with a variety of topics!  Here is a link to our interview on Staying Well

Helpful Dog and Baby Safety Resources We Recommend

For Expectant Couples and New Families


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