I highly recommend Jen. She was a resource we told about through calling Siberian husky rescue when our Siberian bite our little girl. Jen provided us with information. As we had to decide what to do with our dog and how to help our family especially our daughter. Jen was supportive and non judgmental. Jen was able to help us find a trainer in our area as she lived three hours away for our other dog. Jen was kind and would just listen. We are amazing blessed to have found that resource because when our daughter went to the hospital while she was treated medically we received no resources nor was it treated as a trauma simply a routine dog bite. With her guidance we have gained a better understanding of dogs and while we still have a lot more to learn the information we have has changed our understanding of dogs. I highly recommend her services and wish her program was in every hospital and would have been the day we went to the hospital. Julie and family, 

Charlotte, NC

The “Welcome home” webinar class was great.  I am expecting a baby in May and have many concerns about introducing my two dogs to my newborn. I live in a rural area in NJ and could not find anyone in my area who was qualified or willing to address my concerns with my dogs reactive behavior. I was referred to Jen’s program and it was a God send! I feel relieved that I can speak with someone knowledgeable about my dogs and the steps I need to take to make life with baby and dogs successful.  The webinar gave me some instruction as to what I can do to make the initial introduction go smoothly and keep going smoothly!  The information is priceless.  Re-homing my dogs is not an option for me; they are part of the family.  Jen has shown me that the dogs in our lives can be successful with our children as long as the owners are educated and informed!  There are no words to express my appreciation and thankfulness!

Terri and Wayne, NJ

“You have put together something that would have taken us years to do and to have a program dedicated to babies and toddlers is an inspiration and blessing to us. This program brings tears to my eyes when I go through it knowing that we will save lives and keep children and dogs living safely together in their homes. It keeps Liam’s spirit alive.”

Laurie Posey


“I love the Dog and Baby Connection(now Dogs &Toddlers)! It’s easy to find advice for introducing a dog and a baby, but there’s very little that really focuses on developing a strong relationship between the two. Until now.  The Dog and Baby Connection fills the gap. It’s filled with useful, practical, and easy-to-implement tips that help families manage kid-and-dog interactions as babies grow and develop.

Dog trainers will love having this resource to share with their clients.”

Colleen Pelar, CPDT-KA, CDBC
Dream Dog Productions


“Words cannot express how valuable this program is. Life hangs in the balance maybe not life or death hopefully just a better, happier, easier life. If soon to be parents and parents with small children would just take the few moments out of life to attend, understand and apply this information to their daily life, I am for certain that many tragic situations can be avoided all across America and beyond. Our entire families’ lives were in an instant changed forever. Thanks Jen”

Henry Posey

“This is a great go-to resource. I will rely on DABC to help my clients. This is a natural follow up to my all-time favorite DOGS AND STORKS.”

Terry Ryan

“We really appreciated the practical suggestions the class provided for incorporating our dog into our everyday routines with our baby. We also liked hearing real-life examples for creating positive relationships between children and dogs from our instructor, who is a mom and understands everyday family life.”

Molly, Proud new Mother, Raleigh, NC

“Jennifer Shryock is the expert that I depend on to get important advice and educational materials about raising kids and dogs together. Her DOG AND BABY CONNECTION(now Dogs &Toddlers) program is rich with valuable information to help keep kids and dogs safe with one another. The photographs she shares in her program are a wonderful tool to help educate parents on dog body language. These photos portray even the most subtle canine signals that indicate the dog needs to be rescued/removed from a stressful situation that can occur in the presence of children. Her DOGS AND BABY CONNECTION program is nothing less than exceptional!

Congratulations Jennifer and thank you for being there to educate pet parents, veterinarians and other professionals in this field.”

Renee Premaza
Dog Obedience Trainer
Certified Dog Behavior Consultant

“Jennifer, Just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with your work. Your classes are a great addition to our Birth & Parent Education program here at WakeMed. Class participants consistently give high remarks regarding your classes and express their appreciation of all that you do to keep our “animal kingdom families” intact and safe while welcoming a new human to the pack. Thanks! Tammy”

Tammy B. Morton, MSN, RN, LCCE, IBCLC, RLC
Supervisor: Birth & Parent Education
Coordinator: Newborn Metabolic Screen follow-up
WakeMed Health & Hospitals
3000 New Bern Avenue
Raleigh, NC 27610

We really appreciated the practical suggestions the class provided for incorporating our dog into our everyday routines with our baby. We also liked hearing real-life examples for creating positive relationships between children and dogs from our instructor, who is a mom and understands everyday family life.


Before our baby was born we hired Jen to help our dog, Colby, with the transition of living with a newborn. We found her to be very professional, and to be extremely knowledgeable in dog behavior. She gave us great insight into our dogs behavior, and the subtle clues that we could recognize to know if she were scared, nervous, excited, happy, etc. Because of what she taught us, the transition of introducing the dog to the baby was flawless, and it continues to be a happy relationship between the two. Jen has also followed up with us at least once a week since the baby was born. You just don’t find this kind of customer service anymore, and you can tell that Jen really cares about her clients. We highly recommend her.

Jimmy and Nicole, NC proud new parents

 ”I have worked with Jen for nearly 10 years and have found her to be professional, friendly and extremely knowledgeable about dog behavior and baby safety around dogs. Jen knows exactly how to present the right information in a gentle way to parents/dog owners to allow them to have success. She is very generous with her time and expertise and has a genuine desire to improve the lives of her clients. Jen has been a great help to Doggone Safe over the years and I would highly recommend her services to anyone who needs help with a dog behavior problem or who wants to ensuresafety for babies or children in families with dogs.” 

Joan Orr, Co Fonder Doggone Safe , TAGteach

“Jennifer has a passion for working with the pets of expectant or new families experiencing behavior problems adjusting to a new home or to a new family member. I was a small business owner and perinatal educator in the Triangle area for many years where Jennifer and I were members of local professional organization. We also attended various baby fairs. I recommend her work   with animal behavior…and their humans too.”

Pam Chance formerly of Lamaze for Believers  

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